Using social media to amplify your business



Social media is an amplifier. It’s also an extremely cost-effective method of marketing.

Social media is an extension of your voice, personality, values, and aligned connections. It enables you to grow your reach and entertain your existing customers and their connections.

It’s common for customers and prospective customers to use social media to source products and services. Platforms vary, so consider the most appropriate social platforms for your business and target audience.

The benefits of being on social include:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Targeted ads with real time results
  • Increased web traffic and search ranking
  • Ability to monitor competitors
  • Valuable insights into target market
  • Brand loyalty

Businesses should dedicate regular time to engaging their audience. Consider the nature of your posts, it can’t all be about selling your products. Remember the three ‘C’s of engagement:

1. Content.
Share content of value with your audience to build credibility and goodwill.
2. Conversation.
Encourage interaction with your audience to get your posts seen by new people and engage new followers.
3. Community.
Promote stories and businesses that share your vision and values, and that your audience has a mutual interest in.

“Content is fire, and social media is gasoline” – Jay Baer

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