How to Connect to Clients Without Face-To-Face Meetings

With many office’s still open and offering their services, and social distancing in full swing, we need new ways to meet with clients, telephone and video conferencing is the best way to keep in contact, and keep your business moving. With an ever-adapting world with modern technology, there are multiple ways to connect:

Zoom is a video conferencing software that is being widely adopted by schools and universities. This allows up to 100 people join the same conference, with the free version allowing a 40-minute conference, with an unlimited amount of conference calls. Whilst there are several other options out there such as Avaya, Express Virtual Meetings and GoTo Meeting. Zoom provides a wide variety of applications without the financial burden of ongoing costs.


Here at 123 Financial Group we prefer to use Zoom over FaceTime. This is because FaceTime is limited to Apple products and doesn’t have the function ability of having an in-depth business call like Zoom does. Zoom is free to use, you just need to sign up and you can access free 40min video calls.

If you need any help accessing any of the above tools, please contact us on 02 4920 7886.

Zoom Meeting

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