Claiming a personal Super Contribution as a tax deduction

If you are like many eager Aussie savers and choose to make voluntary additions to your Super during the financial year, you can claim these as a tax deduction (up to $25k).


However, there is a bit of a process in order for the ATO to accept it, and there are a few calculations to consider before diving headfirst into it.

  • Consider your taxable position, if you have earnt less than $18,200.00 you are under the tax-free threshold. Therefore, you won’t pay any tax.
  • If your taxable income is above the tax free threshold, then you are paying a minimum of 19% tax on every dollar above the threshold. With middle income earners paying between 32.5% and 37% tax.
  • When claiming a personal super contribution as a deduction, you are required to fill out a ‘Notice of Intent to Claim’ form, this notifies the ATO that the amount you deposited into super will be taxed at 15%. Instead of at 0% if not claimed as a deduction.
  • Hold your horses, 15% tax instead of 0% I hear you say. But if you have a current tax rate of 37% then you have a potential to save 22% by claiming it as a personal super contribution.


Claiming a personal super deduction can be different for every individual, if you have any enquiries on if this would be suitable for you contact our office for more information.

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