Easy landscaping tips when selling your property

Sure, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but a scrappy yard can be an instant turn-off to potential home buyers, even if the house is a dream on the inside. We’ve pulled together some savvy landscaping tips to make sure your home is picture perfect for when you’re ready to sell. The first thing to keep in mind when revamping your garden is that it has to appear…  Read more

Retirement Villages & Granny Flats

As a person ages they may choose to look at alternative accommodation arrangements to living in his/her own home. One option may be to consider a retirement village and another may be a granny flat arrangement. When a loved one is deciding where they want to live and what sort of care they need, make sure they know the difference between a retirement village and what is called “residential aged…  Read more

Home loans 101

There are a range of home loans available in Australia, so it can be hard to understand their features and whether they are right for you. This guide explains all you need to know. Variable loans Variable loans are loans that are subject to interest rate fluctuations. Whenever your bank increases or decreases interest rates, you will end up either paying more or less for your loan, depending on what…  Read more

The Super Question – How much is enough?

Covid-19 has meant lots of Australians have needed to dip into their superannuation after unexpected loss of income. There’s been debate about how this may impact those Australians later on in life when they need their super – whether or not this superannuation initiative was a good idea isn’t the question, the question is how much super should Australians have for retirement? How much is enough? And will Australians who…  Read more

Six smart ways to attract quality tenants

When your investment property lies vacant for even a short time, your earnings can take a big hit. So how do you get the best out of your property in a competitive market? Here are some tips to make your property stand out from the pack. What tenants want Property managers and agents know that many tenants judge properties based on the property size, the state of the kitchen, air…  Read more

Finding it hard to save for your first home loan deposit?

There a several traditional ways of saving for your First Home Deposit, I know when we started saving 20 years ago we thought we would never get there and it seemed like it would take forever! These are some of things we tried. Putting all our gold coins in a jar! Unfortunately these coins often got spent when we were coming up short on other bills! Setting up a direct…  Read more

Commercial and asset finance 101

Many mortgage brokers can help with your home loan and your business loan. There are several types of commercial and asset finance, so make sure you know the differences. Then you can decide which one will suit you. What is commercial finance? Commercial finance is an umbrella term for different kinds of business loans. They’re designed to help manage your capital and cash flow. Types of commercial finance Business overdraft: Your…  Read more

Report PAYGW Correctly to Claim Tax Deductions

If you don’t meet PAYG withholding obligations for your workers, by not withholding tax from their payments and not reporting it to the ATO, you could lose your tax deduction. This will apply to income tax returns lodged for the 2020 financial year and beyond. If you withhold tax from payments to workers, you must withhold the required amount and report correctly to the ATO in order to receive a…  Read more

Buying property with other people: Mine, yours or ours?

When people buy property together, particularly if it’s with a partner or spouse, they often register the title in both people’s names – especially if they’re going to live in the property. But other arrangements are possible, several friends might opt to own individual shares in a property, for example, or a couple might choose to have only one of their names on an investment property title. The following information…  Read more

Does your business have a CRM tool?

Having clean, up-to-date information and data about your customers is a vital part of running your business. But recording, tracking and accessing this customer information can be tricky if you don’t have the right tools to get the job done. Client relationship management (CRM) tools offer a fast and effective way to manage all of this customer information. A CRM solution provides one central hub for recording all your customer…  Read more

Avoid the car park crisis

Most aged care decisions are made in time critical, stressful situations. Families who can plan ahead and have honest conversations about the needs of their loved one, will have the best opportunity to find appropriate care. Planning for and talking about aged care ensures well-informed decisions are made for those in their frailty years, reducing stress and uncertainty. As ACS Accredited Aged Care Professionals, we can help clients understand the…  Read more

Managing debt in your small business

  Running a small business requires taking some risks. Debt is one of those risks, but it is also a positive tool for small business that is usually necessary in order to fund your growth. However, when circumstances change and your debt levels grow, it can keep you up at night. It is important to act early and put a plan in place to manage it. We can help you…  Read more

SEO Tips – Improving your click through rate

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It describes the practise of improving your website so that you are more likely to end up on the search engine results page (SERP) when someone searches for your products or services online. Search engines like Google, rank website pages based on a number of factors and it can take a bit of time to work out exactly what all of these factors are.…  Read more

Now you own your data: the new world of ‘open banking’ explained

The promise of open banking is big; a new, simpler way to share your personal financial data between banks, lenders and financial companies. It started on July 1. Here’s how it works and what it means to take back control of your data to get the best rates and offers. Switching banks has long been something that Australians put in the ‘too hard basket.’ More than 40 per cent of Australians are…  Read more

Why you must set SMART goals

You’ve probably heard of SMART goals and, spoiler alert, they’re not rocket science… but they do work. SMART goals are an excellent filter to maximise planning outcomes. With the SMART acronym comes five simple parameters; that any goal (if you truly want to achieve it) must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. When thinking about goals vs SMART goals, consider the difference between “I want a healthier diet” and…  Read more

What’s your unique selling point?

Making your business stand out in a crowded market can be a challenge, but differentiating your business will be key to attracting the right customers and giving them a reason to choose you over a competitor. That’s why it’s important to identify your unique selling point (USP), so you have a differentiator to communicate in your marketing and sales activity. Giving your company a real differentiator Not all companies are…  Read more

Business stress keeping you awake at night?

  Owning a business is stressful, especially if you’re on your own. You may feel isolated and that you must do it all yourself – without the support of someone to bounce your concerns and ideas off. Maybe you’ve wanted to ask for help but don’t know who to ask. Well, we’re helping business owners just like you reduce their stress and sleep better at night. Whether you need help…  Read more

Solving the RAD jigsaw

A challenge for us all is to find somewhere affordable to live. When our health declines and we move into the frailty period of retirement, this challenge continues but our focus and choices shift from independent living to supported living in residential aged care. Like any accommodation decision, you will usually need to pay for a room in residential care. The most expensive room is around $2 million with the…  Read more

Low rates, high risk? Is it time for first home buyers to enter the market?

With record low interest rates, a flattening housing market and repeated assertions from RBA governor Philip Lowe that a rates rise is not on the horizon, this may be the right time for first home buyers to strike.  Following the August Reserve Bank (RBA) meeting, interest rates remain at 0.25% for August. As recently as July, RBA governor Philip Lowe reasserted that “there has been no change to the board’s view…  Read more

Construction accounting basics

Like any other business, if you’re starting a construction business it pays to do it properly. That means getting your accounts in order before you take on any work. But building projects can last for months or even years and you might be both an employer and a contractor. Plus, construction accounting regulations vary around the world so it’s important to get local advice, if you’re operating in more than…  Read more

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