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Are you Retirement-ready?

Retirement isn’t an age we reach! It is just a financial number. A number that will deliver ultimate freedom in your life.

In this ebook, I’m going to map out exactly how you can reach your financial number sooner.

You’ve worked hard your entire life

Any additional time you can secure to enjoy the best years of your life is worth fighting for. Life is too short to work any longer than you need to.

The first thing you will need to achieve a perfect retirement is a tactical plan – you’ll find that within the pages of this book. But more importantly, if you don’t start with a vision of what your life will look like, you will lack the motivation to get there and you won’t know when you are on the right track and when you have made it.



What are your motivating factors to retire early?


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Maybe you want to experience the freedom that comes when you can choose how you spend each and every day.


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Perhaps you’d like to spend more time with family, friends, or pursuing your favourite leisure activities.


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You might even be inspired to do more travel while you’re still fit and active.


Whatever the reason, the questions are so often THE same:
What would it take for me to retire before 65? At age 60, 55, or even 50?



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It is our mission to help you find financial freedom

At 123 Financial Group, we value trust, family, and confidence. Everything we do is with our clients in mind.

We are not here to judge. We’re a friendly, dedicated team with a passion for helping people and their families get their finances in order.




If you want to ensure that you have enough cash for your future, understand what’s going on in your business, and make financial decisions as easy as 1-2-3, talk to us.


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