Accounting Packages for Business Owners


With our fixed-fee accounting packages, you’ll enjoy peace of mind, easier cash flow management and more time to work on the things that matter.

Monthly payments. No surprises.

And with six value-loaded packages to pick from, there’s an accounting solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Tradies Only

Price from: $280 + GST per month

For sole traders (with no employees) in the building/construction and other trade sectors. 


You are a sole trader in the building and construction industry. You are just starting out in business or have no desire to be anything other than a sole trader… and regarding employees, NO WAY! you say.

Your business is taking up all of your days, and a lot of your nights, and the last thing you want to do is boring, repetitive book work. You would rather hit your thumb with a hammer than sit and do your lodgements with the ATO (and worry that you have done things incorrectly!).

You know your time is better spent earning income because that’s what you are good at, after all…


Price from: $300 + GST per month

For sole traders (with no employees) who have just started their business or want to stay small.


You have just started out in business or want to stay small but need a little bit of a helping hand, because you don’t want to get things wrong and cop a hefty fine from the Tax Office.

You are a sole trader, and you are happy to do most of the book work yourself but want someone to complete your tax return and cast an eye over your lodgements with the ATO.

You don’t have any employees, so your focus is on doing what you do best, but with a guiding hand from someone who will keep you level…



Price from: $300 + GST per month

A full compliance service for Self-Managed Super Funds.                                                                                                                              


You have worked hard and are investing in your own superannuation fund to give you the retirement you deserve.

As part of this package, you can have confidence that all those annoying compliance matters are being dealt with so that you don’t have to worry. You know that staying on top of all the complex paperwork and the constant changes can be draining. After all, you just wanted to have control over your retirement savings and investments, not spend all your time doing paperwork and worrying if you are staying compliant.

If you are confused and hate the numbers, this package is for you…


Price from: $600 + GST per month

For all business entities with employees who want to grow their business.


You have already got your head around being in business and want to take the next steps to growing your business.

You have employees and you want to make sure that you have everything covered to protect both them and you.

Even though you love being hands on, you are ready to step back and start working ON your business rather than in it.

You are ready to hand over the accounting role, so that you can focus solely on your business and know that in the background the numbers are being well cared for.

This package…


Price from: $900 + GST per month

A fully managed accounting service with quarterly coaching for established businesses ready for the next level of growth. (Recommended Package)


You have worked incredibly hard, and your business is really taking off. You are already working smarter (not harder!) and are at the stage where your time working on the business is finally paying dividends. You want to expand on this success. You are already in the air… but you know you can go higher.

You have no desire to be involved in the accounting side of your business but still want to be kept updated on a regular basis.

You still want the dashboard reports so that you can keep your finger on the pulse…


Price from: $1300 + GST per month

A fully managed accounting, financial management and business coaching service for well established and expanding businesses.


Your business is cruising along and you have all the systems in place for continued growth.

Now is the time to start enjoying some freedom and living your life, rather than just working hard day-in and day-out.

But you know that you are at the nitty gritty stage of your business, and you are also aware just how easy it is to undo all the years of hard work you have put in to get it to this point.

Now it is all about staying on top, without being sucked back into the daily detail…

Please note:

For all packages, reconciling accounts and bookkeeping is an added extra.

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